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Hello there. I assume you have seen my work by now and may be wondering how or why I even do what I do. For one, art has always played a major role in my perspective on life. I’ve learned to find the beauty in all things changing. Right or wrong rarely applies to my artwork. Rather, it is searching for what is hidden in the subconscious and creating what is illuminating to the mind.

I am a being of emotions and feelings. These things drive my actions and influence my work without question. I cannot remove certain images or ideas that come to mind at times and a voice of creation demands I make a tangible outlet. My work is the product of what my subconscious self reflects. Sometimes its that fear and curiosity of trying to produce something beautiful that reminds me of my capabilities.

Although my artwork is my lifelong pleasure, it is difficult to continue making it beyond occasional means. In between my creative work, I also work as a PCA for child with severe autism and down syndrome. Yes, I chose this job in the interest of doing non-profit, but it was also an opportunity to learn about the psychological and behavioral aspects that makes us human beings so unique and interesting. I do my my care work as I’ve found that it has helped him as much as it has helped me to develop my worldview.

With that said, I am open (and rather unlimited) for commissions of any sort and am using a fairly new website, for any support that may come my way.

Currently, I am offering prints of all my works and with the support of $5-10 through my site, patrons will receive a signed print within the first two months.

Support this Artist at


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