Past and Inspirations

Where I’m coming from.

I had grown up immersed in a lifestyle of cultural contrasts. My frame of mind is shaped by the similarities and vast differences between the Mexican and Vietnamese traditions and rituals. Understanding my own ethnic crossroads has and will always be a part of my work. I had grown up surrounded by multiple female role models and this has profoundly shaped my perspective of the female model. I’ve learned that much of what I find beautiful in the natural world is embodied by feminine figures. Over time I’ve become more so interested in human sensuality, social interactions, the psychology of dreams, the natural sciences and some philosophy.

Music has always been a great source of inspiration. It conjures a spiritual, emotional and visual abstraction that can only be described as synesthesic. I’m very much inspired by human limitations. Moreso the physiological boundaries that are redefined through performance art. But my primary inspiration is the transition of my own emotions and feelings. I become naturally drawn to interactions between other human beings. I believe the subconscious holds an infinite and parallel life of forms and illusions that can only be accessed through carefully observing our existing space. Many times the illusions are so profound, that curiosity and fear become subjects in the creation of beauty. My work is the product of my subconscious self reflection and desires. To express an aspect of an inner dialogue and have an outside observer understand some part of my workings beyond the aesthetic surface, sincerely displaces me from ever assuming I am fully accomplished.


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