New Artwork

Hello once again. Thought I’d update on a few new pieces that have been added.


floatFloat. 30″x22″ pastel on bristol.

Pencil on bristol. 11"x 17"

Horsehead. Pencil on bristol. 11″x 17″

The Cyclist of Pigeon is probably my longest ongoing piece, but I finally got it finished and framed.The Cyclist of Pigeon

And finally, not drawings, but rather interesting photographs I was able to capture on my samsung phone through the lens of a microscope. The images are of ferret brain slides and the extra texture are due to experimentation with the focus and external lighting.ferret brain slide 1 ferret brain slide 2ferret brain slide 3

ferret brain slide 4



2014 and still running on ink.

Hello and welcome back. It has certainly been some time since I’ve uploaded some work, but rest assured there is plenty more to see. Here is some new but not necessarily recent work.

prev1┬áThis was the extended idea for the two figures painting I had drafted… but after sometime it I had a change in interest for where I wanted to take it.



And finally turned into something more atmospheric and finished.