August 7, 2015 First Fridays @ 9WG Studios.

Hello dear readers!

So it’s rather apparent that I post far and few, but does not mean there hasn’t been any progress in my work!

This First Fridays will be a continued showing of my works, and a glimpse of the newer, more textured pieces.

There will be prints of various sizes, and I’ll likely have a large piece I’m currently working on at the time.

Come join me for music, conversation, drinks and the sharing of some of my culinary love interests.


Update. “Serendipity” Show next Friday.

So First Fridays is nearing closer as  I scramble to correct any missed details and working to frame. The best part, I have much more work than I expected to show! There’s so much variety that I can’t really believe it’s all my own… tear*

There will be prints of most of the works at the show and there will also be t-shirts made by New Normal.

Here’s a few or the works!


Working Artists Lyceum a success.

In the past couple of weeks, I had participated in the Working Artists Lyceum in Richmond, Virginia and had the opportunity to display some of my work alongside many other talented Richmond artists. Here are some of my work in the dark halls of the Lyceum.

Lyceum hall

Lyceum hall mid

Lyceum hall right

The opportunity to join this community has been a wonderful experience and has even gotten me to do a project with Stas Todromovich, Ramunas Gelzinis, and Derek White. These guys are amazing at what they do and I’ve had an inside look and partaking of a beautiful new piece of work that they’re soon to bring to eyes and ears of audiophiles and art lovers all around.

Artbox Speakers

These are handcrafted speakers made from a variety of quality woods and some made of rare wood. They are cut with angled slits to produce a resonating, clear, surround sound. Photos don’t do these justice. Trust me.

I’ll update on the specific details of each soon, but for now it’s too irresistible to go ahead and show these off.



Aside from the beautiful craftmanship, the sides have removable panels that can be swapped for designs of any occasion and easy access to the speaker boxes themselves.





Two panels I did for the Ambrosia speakers.

And I must say, they not only look beautiful, but sound phenomenal too.

PM me if you’d like to know more about these.


New Artwork

Hello once again. Thought I’d update on a few new pieces that have been added.


floatFloat. 30″x22″ pastel on bristol.

Pencil on bristol. 11"x 17"

Horsehead. Pencil on bristol. 11″x 17″

The Cyclist of Pigeon is probably my longest ongoing piece, but I finally got it finished and framed.The Cyclist of Pigeon

And finally, not drawings, but rather interesting photographs I was able to capture on my samsung phone through the lens of a microscope. The images are of ferret brain slides and the extra texture are due to experimentation with the focus and external lighting.ferret brain slide 1 ferret brain slide 2ferret brain slide 3

ferret brain slide 4